Gender & Sexuality

Stephanie has been deeply involved in trans liberation organizing since she founded the first and only trans organization at the University of Illinois in 2013. She has played important roles in national trans organizing for several years, and is known for her incisive critiques of the co-optation of lesbian culture and identity by TERFs, and her unapologetic existence as a non-medicalized femme trans woman. Stephanie offers sessions on lesbian history, trans liberation, and living her truth as a trans woman. 



Being a femme sometimes feels like having a big, pink target on your back. Add being a trans woman, and genderqueer, and hold on to your parasol! #UnapologeticFemme is a way of living, centered around expressing the joy, freedom, fierceness, and power possessed by femmes everywhere. In a 60-minute lecture, Stephanie takes on transmisogyny, femme erasure, street harassment, and the realities of Living While Femme, and how you can start living as or in solidarity with #UnapologeticFemmes everywhere.

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Whatever Happened to Lesbians?

It’s often said that “lesbian” is a dying identity: non-heterosexual women have started identifying in other ways, and we lesbians have had a troubling history with the trans community. In many ways, it seems like we’ve lost queer politics in lesbian spaces. A journey through history and the roots of the divide between the lesbian and trans community, this lecture seeks to debunk the notion that transness and lesbianness are at odds, and explore the radical potentialities of new lesbian spaces!

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Let My People fuck

Sex and sexuality are often cornerstones of the queer and trans experience, but navigating sexuality while trans can be a doozy. Transmisogyny, slut shaming, body shaming, and the complex politics of existing as a human with a sexual or sexualized body are everywhere. Stephanie's sex-positive, trans-liberatory, self-loving manifesto-turned-lecture explores the experiences of marginalized genders in a sexual world, and articulates her vision for sexual liberation for everyone.