Stephanie is a leading voice representing anti-Zionist Jewish trans women, religious anarchist Jews, and melding political practice with religious praxis. Her ideas on the intersections of antisemitism and transphobia are considered groundbreaking and thought-provoking. Through her experience navigating the Jewish world as an openly trans woman, and a vocal anti-Zionist, Stephanie has developed several talks and workshops discussing Judaism, anti-Zionism, and antisemitism. 

Oy Gayvalt!.png

Oy Gayvalt! Trans, Queer, Jewish, and fighting for Justice

Being raised in a deeply Zionist Jewish home, and coming out as queer and trans can sometimes throw your politics for a loop. This 60-minute lecture tells Stephanie’s personal story of faith, culture, and politics, and deals with the mishegas of being a trans lesbian and activist for justice in Palestine, while maintaining a strong Jewish cultural identity, and reclaiming aspects of the Jewish faith. There will be laughs, questions, challenges, and learning for all! Highly recommended for queer or trans spaces discussing faith or religious culture.

Neither Here Nor There.png

Neither here Nor There: On the Intersections of Antisemitism and Transphobia

From the Middle Ages, to the Holocaust, to the streets of the United States today, antisemitism and transphobia have a long, complicated, and intertwined history. Antisemitism and transphobia often appear in the same places, are aimed at the same people, and function in remarkably similar ways. Neither Here Nor There seeks to explore that history, positing that transphobia and antisemitism are actually co-constitutive, and always exist together. Touching on topics ranging from the history of transphobia and antisemitism, shared tropes between the two, and how each oppression operates, this lecture lays out the realities, stakes, and consequences of the intersections of antisemitism and transphobia. 


Anarcho-Judaism: Leftist Theology and the Problem of Israel

The existence of the Israeli state, and its occupation of Palestinian lands has been a deeply contentious issue since settlement began. Practicing anti-Zionist Jews can find it particularly difficult to observe our faith without grappling actively with references to the Israeli State in our holy texts, and prayer books. Blending the rich tradition of secular Jewish anarchist activism with a robust Leftist theology, Anarcho-Judaism presents a spiritual solution to anti-Zionists wishing to practice what we preach. This workshop blends politics with faith to give the basics behind Anarcho-Jewish theology, strategies for practice and organizing, and why this might be a new faith tradition that works for you!